The Power of Paint!

January 12, 2014 by Beth

Isn’t it refreshing to see your home clean and simplified after all the Christmas glitz as been stored away?

Many of us take this time to get organized for the new year ahead of us.

For me, January is a time to start off with a new color.

We have had yellow walls in our den and kitchen for like 10 years!

It was definitely time to paint, but deciding on the color was not an easy task.

I started paint sampling and over the course of 3-4 trips, I got to know the guys at the paint store pretty well. Ha!



My first choice was Benjamin Moore’s China White (bottom right) – not enough contrast with the trim.

Second choice – BM’s Wickham Gray  (bottom left) – too dreary according to hubby.

Third choice – BM’s November Rain (top left) – too green and too light.

Fourth choice – BM’s Healing Aloe (top right) – the winner!

Healing Aloe went well with the gray countertops in the kitchen and the colors already present in the den!



Mother Nature cooperated and handed us very cold temperatures last weekend, the perfect time to stay inside and paint!!

I discovered the pop on top with pourable spout during one of my paint store trips. Where has this been all my life?



I do believe in painters tape and recycling it to use both sides.



The Benjamin Moore paint covered up the yellow in just two coats!

Gotta love it!!



Don’t you just love the mess you create while painting.

Of course, the painter always gets a “pass” on cooking dinner during painting days!



I completed the kitchen first and we were amazed at how much we loved the color!

In the morning sun it takes on a blue color, but in the afternoon it looks green.

The house now has more of a lighter, coastal feel to it.



But one project leads to another, you know.

My red fabric covered bulletin board had to go.

So I grabbed some leftover burlap and did an update.



So, what do you think? Do you love it as much as we do?





Here’s to the power of paint!!


Happy New Year everyone!!

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  1. Susan says:

    Love, love the new color. So light and airy.

  2. Jimmy says:

    Love the color, it I so soothing. What a great name for kitchen paint HEALING ALOE. Would be good on any burns.

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