Living Room Makeover

March 21, 2014 by Beth

It’s March Madness and blogging has taken a back seat.

But fortunately, decorating has not.

My Atlanta trip “find” has made its’ way to the living room…and here it is.



I fell in love with this beautiful African textile!

Fabric large enough to frame, make pillows or cover an ottoman.

I couldn’t bring myself to cut this beauty, so over the stool it went.

Combined with the cow hide rug that had already replaced the oriental, our living room was quickly taking on a manly feel.

Of course the men in my house were all in favor of a room of their own.



So, on the search I went to find accessories that spoke to my men.

I used a shadowbox to frame a childhood belt buckle of my hubby’s…



…and coins from our trip to France.



Framed maps and a sketch of our church hang on the wall, replacing the children’s portrait they called their awkward stage.



Every room needs a touch of green, don’t you think?



But here’s my real “green” find – a Fiddle Leaf Fig tree from Home Depot.

These trees are all the rage in the decorating world and I feel so lucky to have found one at such a great price.

Isn’t he a beauty?

And he fills up the corner very nicely.




I’m a firm believer in trying to use what you have, but sometimes you just need an update.

After moving the brass lamp to the other table, I still needed light and happened upon this one at Target.

I love the black linen shade and it fit perfectly under the wall clock.

Plus, I like that it gives off a bit of a modern look to an otherwise traditional room.



Here’s another Target treasure that had just been marked down on clearance!

This sturdy woven stool is from Target’s Threshold line and gives the room some wonderful texture.



This table was a find a couple of years ago and was just hanging out in the garage.

After a couple of coats of black paint, it became living room worthy and now houses lots of manly goodies.

How do you like the Federal mirror?

Eagles make a manly statement, don’t you think?



The red floral curtains that were originally hanging were not living up to the new vision for this room.

So, down they came and up went white linen curtains that match the ones in the dining room.

Now, more light comes in and the Fiddle Leaf Fig should be happier.






So, what do you think of the new living room makeover?

Leather, cowhide, African textiles, eagles, antlers and bourbon – what else could a man want?

I’m hoping we’ll spend more time in here now that it’s been updated.

We’ll see what the boys say when they come home!


Happy Spring!!


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  1. Susan says:

    Love it! I can’t believe how much lighter it is and it really makes your molding pop. Now I can’t wait to see it! Love that rug!

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